Advocates Against Family Violence Ambassadors introduce our organization to new people in the community. They do this by recruiting them to attend our Hope Luncheons, which we hold once a month at our headquarters. Consider becoming an ambassador if you share our vision of protecting our future by empowering you as a voice in the community to collectively prevent domestic violence now!

How Can I Become an Ambassador?

Step 1: Attend a Hope Luncheon

Each month we hold Hope Luncheons at the Hope&aposs Door Shelter on our campus. At a Hope Luncheon, you will be introduced to the organization and learn more about what you can do as an Ambassador to contribute. To sign up for a Hope Luncheon, please click here.

Step 2: Attend an Ambassador Orientation

Ambassador Orientation sessions are held once a month at the Hope Lane Community Center. During the orientation you will be introduced to other Ambassadors to the Advocates Against Family Violence Organization. You will have the opportunity to register for your orientation after you attend a Hope Luncheon.

Advocates Against Family Violence Ambassadors Make a Difference

Upcoming Hope Luncheons

We are scheduling new Hope Luncheons for 2017. Please subscribe to our mailing list if you would like to be contacted when we have future dates scheduled.