Get Involved with AAFV

We appreciate your support more than we could ever express with words. The victims you are directly supporting express their gratitude with grace and thankful hearts daily. There many ways for you to get involved with the work that we do here at AAFV. We offer many different forms of support and we break it down into three areas: Volunteering, Becoming an Ambassador, and Giving.


We love our volunteers! People who are able to freely give their precious time are so invaluable to our mission. We utilize volunteers in nearly everything we do. From event volunteers, to victim advocates, and everything in between! If you're interested in getting involved, please submit our application to become a volunteer today!

Volunteer with AAFV


AAFV runs on the giving hearts of our donors. Whether you have coats and shoes or even just $20, you are making an impact on the lives of victims and in turn an impact on the life of your community.


Become an Ambassador

Our Ambassadors help us reach out to the entire community with AAFV's mission and spread awareness that AAFV is here for victims. The first step to becoming an Ambassador is attending one of our Hope Luncheons and becoming more familiar with AAFV.

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