Hope's Door Shelter

In 2003, Hope's Door Shelter began as a response to the horrific murder of Angie Leon at the hands of her abusive husband. The Shelter was opened as a sanctuary for victims of domestic violence to seek refuge before more lives might be taken.

What is Hope's Door Shelter?

Hope's Door is the only domestic violence specific to women and children shelter in Canyon County. We provide protection not only for victims in Idaho, but across the entire United States.

Where is Hope's Door Shelter located?

Hope's Door Shelter is located in Caldwell, Idaho.

What is a stay at Hope's Door Shelter like?

While staying at Hope's Door Shelter, survivors are able to take part in many different educational courses that focus on healthy relationships and life skills. Our goal is to empower individuals to set the course for eliminating violence in their lives and throughout our community.

How long can I stay at Hope's Door Shelter?

You can stay at Hope's Door Shelter for up to 90 days. After your 90 day stay, we offer transitional affordable housing for 2 years. Click here to learn more about housing after your Shelter stay.

How many rooms are available at Hope's Door Shelter?

Hope's Door Shelter has 28 private bedrooms where women and their children have the security and safety needed to begin moving forward with a violence-free future.

How can I apply for a room at Hope's Door Shelter?

To apply for a room at Hope's Door Shelter, please call the Shelter for a phone interview.

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Do you have any services available for men?

While Hope's Door Shelter is for women and children only, AAFV provides victim services to men as well. Hope's Door is committed to meeting the needs of all victims and we are able to provide male victims with emergency lodging through local hotels and classes for men available.

Hope's Door Shelter