Our mission at AAFV is to eliminate violence in the lives of individuals.

As most of this is entirely out of our control, our mission statement is very bold. Through the education and support programs offered to victims, we are changing lives every day. We serve Canyon County and over 500,000 individuals in the surrounding communities. Through restoring hope, encouraging healing and helping those we serve to discover their true strength, this bold mission statement is doable!

Restoring Hope: For many victims, the audacity to hope for a new life seems inconceivable. Our goal is to breathe hope into their hearts and healing into their lives. Last year, we provided refuge for over 698 women and children in our shelter last year.

Encouraging Healing: We see so many come that have not only been hurt physically, they have also been ravaged with emotional and psychological pain. Healing is a process and it takes courage. Each day we encourage healing in our clients as they progress on their journey. We challenge them to believe in us and provide them with over 19 programs to guide them through their journey. Last year on average, our clients received over 75 days of support in our programs.

Discovering Strength: It takes strength to overcome past doubts, questions, and pains from a battered past. Our focus is to not only help our clients discover strength but to strengthen the next generation of children that are also victims of domestic violence.



Advocates Against Family Violence works to eliminate violence in families and homes by empowering individuals to make positive life choices through advocacy, support, education, awareness, and community involvement.

We at Hope’s Door and AAFV are made up of a diverse group of staff and volunteers. Our organization has some of the most dedicated and caring individuals around. Advocates Against Family Violence, Inc. affirms the right of every person to live a life free of violence.

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