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City of Parma Pinwheels for Prevention

AAFV visited the City of Parma again this year for the Pinwheels for Prevention program. In 2008, Prevent Child Abuse America introduced the pinwheel as the new national symbol for child abuse prevention through Pinwheels for Prevention. What the research has shown, is that people respond to the pinwheels. Thanks for having us, City of Parma! We appreciate your support to our efforts to combat and stop child abuse. We look forward to next year!

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Riverbilly Live - Turn Up the Volume on Domestic Violence

Turn Up the Volume on Domestic Abuse

Thanks to everyone that came out last week to enjoy our concert and the excellent food vendors! We had a blast with you all and we look forward to next time! We hope you had as much fun as we did!

We also would like to give a huge thank you to Walter Ego of Boise, a local band that stepped in last minute when Riverbilly wasn’t able to make it because of unfortunate plane delays! You guys saved the day!

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Men In Top Tiers 2016

Men In Top Tiers 2016 Winners

The 3rd Annual Men In Top Tiers (M.I.T.T.) was hosted at the Best Western in Caldwell on Friday, June 24th.

Men In Top Tiers honors and acknowledges men that are “Top Tier” role models to children whose involvement with your organization positively affects the lives of children, families, and/or embodies the mission of your agency.

Congratulations to the winners of our 2016 M.I.T.T. Award on behalf of Advocates Against Family Violence.

Click a name below to view their nominations.

Rick Godina – Employment & Training Specialist

Albert Erickson – Chief of Police, Parma, Idaho

Jessie Lumbreras – CCOA, Aging, Weatherization and Human Services

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Fiesta Guadalajara


AAFV would also like to give a huge thank you to Fiesta Guadalajara for catering the event and providing such delicious food for the people that attended M.I.T.T!

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day this year at the Hope’s Door Shelter was awesome and the women loved it! (Some even took selfies with the flowers donated by CWI!) We would like to give special recognition and thanks to Nikki Houston of CWI for her time, contributions and making this event possible!

Mother's Day Volunteers at Hope's Door Shelter

Here’s what Nikki had to say about Mother’s Day at Hope’s Door…

I wanted to put together a brunch for the women at Hope’s Door because I know what it is like to have absolutely nothing, to be stuck in a place where you are trying to turn your life around for yourself and your kid(s). Trying to rebuild your life from ground zero is incredibly hard and I wanted to show these women they are appreciated and so special.

Mother’s Day is about showing your love and appreciation for the woman who would do anything for their kids/family. The women at Hope’s Door have taken the step to start a better life for themselves and their kid(s). They deserve a day to be spoiled, to be appreciated, and to know they are cared about. I reached out to an organization, Life’s Kitchen, and was in contact with Erin King, their Catering and Special Event Planner. Erin blasted the event on Facebook and did a call out for volunteers. Within twenty minutes we had volunteers and people wanting to help with food and donations. We live in an amazing community where people genuinely care and wanted to give these women a very special day. Every mother deserves a special day devoted to them.
– Nikki Houston, Enrollment Advisor – College of Western Idaho

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We would like to thank Erin King with Life’s Kitchen for donating the Frittatas and loaning AAFV the serviceware.

AAFV would also like to thank the following volunteers that spent their time and energy helping set up the Mother’s Day event for the women at Hope’s Door Shelter:

  • Pam Brewer – Cookies, Fruit, hot chocolate, serving utensils, paper goods
  • Maggie Ebben – Baked goods. Also donated a bag of baby clothes
  • Vincent Sprinkel – 6 lbs of bacon
  • Bianca Arana – Breakfast casserole
  • Jessica Collingwood – Breakfast potatoes
  • Kayla Adams – Drinks
  • Meridian Foodbank – Drinks
  • Nancy Kim – Gift bags from Sephora, case of water, and volunteer
  • Julie Houston – Gift bags, a bag of toys, clothes, and jewelry esimated around $200.
  • CWI Horticulture Program – 25 flower arrangements
  • Larisa Gilleard Rogers – Individual mini zucchini bread
  • Mari Cantu – Volunteer
  • Jen Baker – Volunteer

Learn more about Hope’s Door Shelter

Hope Lane Learning Center Birthday Parties

Hope Lane Learning Center Birthday Parties

Our Hope Lane Learning Center birthday parties are a once a month event hosted for the children. We would like to thank the Nampa 36th Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for taking the time to volunteer and provide the supplies needed for a birthday party for the children!

Hope Lane Learning Center Birthday Parties

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Happy birthday to Esther and Londynn!

Nampa 36th Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will be sponsoring birthday parties at the end of each month for the children in our daycare and we would like to extend our deep gratitude to those willing to volunteer! Thank you!

Men In Top Tiers 2016

Men In Top Tiers 2016

The goal of the Men In Top Tiers 2016 Award is to honor and acknowledge top tier role model men from your organization. Men whose involvement with your organization positively affects the lives of children and families.

At Advocate Against Family Violence our mission is to eliminate violence in families and homes. As an organization, we support and wish to recognize positive male role models in our community. We understand and value the importance of healthy male examples in the lives of children.

Download the M.I.T.T. 2016 Application

Men In Top Tiers 2016

We ask your organization to partner with us in this event by submitting one man from your agency as your M.I.T.T. nominee. Your M.I.T.T. nominee should be a man whose involvement with your organization positively affects the lives of children, families, and/or embodies the mission of your agency.

Your nominee can be a volunteer, board member, employee, or community leader. Please submit your nominees by May 30th to Esmer Estrada at

Submit your nominee for Men In Top Tiers award by May 30th!

We will contact the nominees and invite them to the event on June 17th to be honored along with their nominating organization. The event will take place on June 24th, 2016, from 11:30 – 12:30 am.

Best Western Inn & Suites
908 Specht Ave.
Caldwell ID, 83605

We will be sponsoring a luncheon to honor your agency’s nominee and present their award. We appreciate your participation and look forward honoring your nominee during this exciting event!

Masks of Strength

Masks of Strength

Masks of Strength is a yearly project done at our Hope’s Door domestic violence shelter. Masks of Strength is a way for victims to express their feelings. Because the masks were found to be so powerful, they were displayed around the community during the month of April. After receiving positive feedback from victims, community partners were also invited to join us in displaying the Masks for Strength as well.

Masks of Strength represents the thoughts and feelings of victims of sexual assault. It is a way for them to tell their story through art.

At fundraisers, the masks were displayed as the centerpiece to tables and each mask had a brief description from the mask maker about the meaning of the mask and design. No names are used and many women choose to keep their masks after the Event.

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Share the Love

Share the Love

For their Share the Love event, Team Mazda Subaru in Caldwell presented Advocates Against Family Violence with a check as part of the Subaru of America, Inc.’s event for $10,404. We are proud to continue partnering with Team Mazda Subaru each year as they grow and extend our deep gratitude for their efforts to support our organization and end domestic violence!

Share the Love – Team Mazda Subaru

Share the Love

At Subaru of America, they stay true to the Love Promise by partnering with a wide variety of nonprofits and charities. In addition to these partnerships, every year Subaru, the owners, and retailers join hands in the “Share the Love” event, giving back to charities across the country. Over the past 20 years, Subaru of America has donated over 50 million dollars to causes they care about and logged over 28,000 volunteer hours.

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Pinwheels for Prevention in Parma

Pinwheels for Prevention in Parma

Advocates Against Family Violence is proud to have partnered with Mayor Nathan Leigh, Parma Police, Chief Erickson, Parma Fire and Ambulance to bring the Pinwheels for Prevention in Parma. Together, we shut down the streets of the City of Parma around 10 am on Friday, April 8th and walked from the Parma City Police Station to the City Hall. At City Hall, the children from the Hope Lane Learning Center and the City of Parma placed their pinwheels.

Pinwheels for Prevention in Parma - Prevent Child Abuse

Pinwheels for Prevention in Parma

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What is Pinwheels for Prevention?

Throughout the month of April, we celebrate the lives we touch and those who have touched yours by honoring them with a pinwheel. The pinwheel is the national symbol for the great childhoods all children deserve because our children are our future.

How Can I Support AAFV and the Pinwheel Project?

We encourage you to make a donation. The money you donate will be used to purchase pinwheels and expand our efforts for Child Abuse Prevention throughout Canyon County and beyond. Please consider making a donation to AAFV today!

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