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Thank you IDACORP employees for generously donating $1,061 to our organization!

Their support for our organization shows that they share the same passion for eliminating violence in our community just as we do. It is support like this that enabled us to provide over 44,000 victim services in 2016! THANK YOU IDACORP!!!

Dear Staff:

The Treasure Valley Lag Employee Community Fund, Idaho Power and IDACORP, Inc., are pleased to present you with the enclosed check totaling $1,061.00. Through voluntary employee contributions and corporate matching funds we are able to provide this assistance.

The work your organization does for our community is valued. Through this contribution, it is hoped that you can continue the work you are doing.

What Matters

It’s not like me in my position at AAFV to dwell in the political arena.  It’s been our philosophy to encourage and uphold those that are elected and work as best we can with all.  That’s part of our mission, healthy relationships!  Our vision is to ensure healthy communities, striving to work together.

This election process has been daunting for all.  So many opinions, so much negativity and discord.  I was reminded every day of what unhealthy relationships look like.  It became even more apparent to me than ever that our mission to eliminate violence, no matter what it looks like, even the hateful discord of a political campaign, is more critical than ever.  It certainly has had its trickle-down effects within our own community.

I don’t know about you, but I know there is only so much I have control over, and the political climate and in-fighting is not one of them.  Here’s what I do know:

  • I have an amazing family, full of love, respect for one another, zany, incredibly intelligent, and effervescent, bubbly, personalities (sometimes too strong-willed for even our own good, LOL)
  • I live in a beautiful community, I have wonderful neighbors and friends who enjoy the same, and we support and love each other.
  • I have an AMAZING life mission, serving those who are not as fortunate to have a warm home, safe environment, and healthy relationships.  I can continue to work towards our mission of creating a compassionate community, eliminating violence and sexual assault while providing the necessary programs and classes, resources, and housing for a healthy, whole, community.

And speaking of work, we don’t know what lies ahead for non-profits, rules, regulations, and laws are changing every day.   We do know that we were created to fill the gaps where the government cannot and will not fill and we will continue to work towards our mission.

So, today, I say, it doesn’t matter who you voted for.  The fact remains, we have a new President.  We have an enormous responsibility to be a positive light in our community, working to change the part of the world we can truly control.  Support each other, speak positive words, and be kind.

Towards a peaceful community……

– Kim Deugan, Executive Director

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month! And at Advocates Against Family Violence we are very busy with outreach and community events! All of our efforts are designed to promote awareness of the services we offer along with educating the community on the many complexities of domestic violence. We wish it was like a physical illness and there was a known cure. But, just as individual as we are, so too are the complexities of domestic abuse.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

1 in 3 Women will suffer from domestic abuse

In addition to Domestic Violence Awareness Month, October is also Awareness Month for multiple other illnesses. The most noted of which is Breast Cancer Awareness. Statistically, 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer, one being diagnosed every two minutes. This truly is an alarming statistic and there is much national attention and money given to support this cause. When we look at domestic abuse we know that 1 in 3 of what’s reported will be in a domestically abusive relationship. Again, that’s only what’s reported! And this does not even include the men who will suffer from domestic abuse.

It’s not as simple as, “Why doesn’t she just leave?”

However, we want to turn our heads the other way and say “why doesn’t she just leave”. Perhaps, if we understood that’s when most of the homicides occur, when she is trying to leave, we would quit asking that question. Or, what if the children are being used as a pawn and to leave her children would be a greater risk than enduring the abuse. There are too many variables at play to make any judgments on a person being abused.

I remember a time when cancer used to be the “hush hush” word. Now that we are more willing to talk about cancer, please also think about the fact that for every woman who has breast cancer there are an average of two women that have been or are currently suffering in an abusive relationship.

AAFV’s mission to end domestic violence

Here at Advocates Against Family Violence, we work every day on our mission to eliminate violence, providing Hope, Healing and Strength to those we serve. Our hope is that we will all work together as a community to ensure healthy relationships for all.

Join us for the Walk 4 Hope on October 8th

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The Walk 4 Hope is our yearly campaign to support Domestic Violence Awareness month. Join us as we walk in downtown Caldwell honoring victims and survivors.

Learn More

How can I show support for Domestic Violence Awareness Month?

  • Wear purple during the month as a way to tell others why ending domestic violence is important to you.
  • Wear purple on National #PurpleThursday is October 20, 2016. Join us and paint the town purple!
  • Make a donation to AAFV in honor of the people in your life who have been impacted by domestic violence.
  • Talk with a friend, family member, colleague, or neighbor about domestic violence. Talking about domestic violence helps to erase stigma and shows survivors that they will be supported.
  • Attend the Domestic Violence Awareness Month Proclamation on October 3rd, 2016 at the Caldwell Police Department – 110 S. 5th Ave.  Caldwell ID, 83605
Apartment September Special

Apartment Move-In Special

Apartment Move-In Special

Our Hope Plaza Apartments are currently offering an apartment move-in special throught the end of October. Move-in now during the special promotion for only $99 during the month of September and October! Please visit the rental agency website, or call 208-455-0333 for more information.

Hope Plaza Apartments are managed by a Rental Agency and have different qualifications than our affordable housing units. You must pass a more extensive credit and criminal background screening. You must also qualify based on household size and income. Hope Plaza Apartments are Sec. 42 Tax Credit properties.

Hope Plaza Apartments has 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments available.

Move in today and your first month of rent is only $99!

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Corwin Ford presented Advocates Against Family Violence with a check for $25,000! We greatly appreciate the generous support of AAFV’s mission to end violence! Hope, healing, and strength will continue to those we serve! Over 500 bed nights in our Shelter will be provided for women and children!

From the Idaho Coalition's Newsletter

From the Idaho Coalition’s Newsletter

Advocates Against Family Violence was featured in the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence’s December Newsletter. Read what the Coalition had to say about AAFV below!

Advocates Against Family Violence Staff

Hope, healing, and strength are core values of Advocates Against Family Violence, and those values emanated from Kim Deugan, Executive Director, as she talked about their work, life, challenges, and what’s to come, one recent snowy day in Canyon County.

Kim doesn’t leave the work behind. She is the work. When it’s so woven into the fabric of your life, and how and where you show up, you’ve become an activist. You’re also at greater risk of burn-out, which is why Kim has taken steps to provide a genuine culture of care and support for her entire team – 28 staff, 50 committed volunteers, and 9 board members. Although Kim’s exterior often shows what a go-getter she is, she is also a strong nurturer. These qualities are reflective across the programs and services offered at Advocates Against Family Violence.

Advocates Against Family Violence has a continued commitment to increasing their accessibility and true relevance for survivors from diverse backgrounds, by seeking training on working with under-served and marginalized people, offering bi-lingual services and resources, in-school services to reach youth, rural outreach, top notch childcare, learning services, and much more.

Pulling into the Advocates Against Family Violence campus, you’ll see people sitting in the green space in meditation or playing with their dogs. The emergency shelter is large and old, but is a continued work in progress, with dedicated staff providing support that fosters hope, healing and strength.
Advocates Against Family Violence campus also houses the first Let’s Move Certified child center in Caldwell. It is a happy, safe place.

Kim beamed when describing a recent story. A young man at juvenile Corrections, one of about 8,300 youth reached this year through their teen outreach program, opened up to Kaitlin, the Teen Advocate. She had struck a chord with him, and he was ready to risk feeling hope for something better for his life.

Advocates Against Family Violence was happy to work with him, providing client centered services. “When he was released from Juvenile Corrections, he reached out and asked if we really meant what we said, that we’d help him.” “We said of course!” From there, this young man, having been on the road to some scary and sad places, began counseling, anger management classes, healthy relationships, financial management, and with much work on Advocates Against Family Violence and his part, they are working on getting Colton accepted into a program in Northern Idaho: National Guard Youth Challenge where he will complete school and attain job skills. Kim talked about how some clients stay with you – especially the kids. “We need emancipation in Idaho,” she said. “It’s on my radar. Too many kids don’t have options, and emancipation could help them direct a better future for themselves and get support they need.”

Kim talked about the important work her staff does with campus sexual assault, and the Advocacy Learning Center – an intense 18-month curriculum that is helping facilitate changes Advocates Against Family Violence has been wanting to make.
The biggest change? More and more Advocates Against Family Violence sees their role as community advocates, and are setting up for the transition of what Advocates Against Family Violence will look like. “We are here to build healthier communities. Domestic and sexual violence are community issues – not just OUR issues. We are here to support the community’s efforts in the ways we can. But the entire community is responsible and our role is to increase their engagement, wear the hats that we’re good at, continue providing advocacy and support services, and create change.” Seeing the determination in Kim’s eyes, hearing it in her voice, and knowing how far Advocates Against Family Violence has evolved even in just the past few years – no doubt it will be amazing to witness.

Special thank you to Caldwell Night Rodeo and the Man Up Crusade for donating $4000 to Advocates Against Family Violence! Their continued support provides hope, healing, and strength to all survivors served through Advocates Against Family Violence.

This $4000 donation will provide 80 bed nights for women and children in our shelter!

Caldwell Night Rodeo

Caldwell Night Rodeo

Now in its 82nd year, Caldwell Night Rodeo is one of the largest and longest-running annual events in Canyon County. It draws in rodeo fans in excess of 40,000 over 5 action-packed nights. It is listed among the Top 30 Professional Rodeos AND Top 6 Outdoor Rodeos in the nation. Caldwell Night Rodeo features some of the best professional cowboys, cowgirls and animal athletes in the world. It is an annual stop on the professional rodeo tour.

Caldwell Night Rodeo offers a true rodeo experience unlike any other. With over 500 world-class contestants and 7 action-packed nightly events, the excitement in our arena is electric. Equally divided by the infamous “Rowdies” and “Civies” – the CNR crowd plays an interactive role in the excitement of this one-of-a-kind rodeo.

In 2015 CNR was voted the #1 Large Outdoor Event in Canyon County, one of the Top 10 Rodeo’s in the US by Real Time Cowboy Magazine and one of the 101 Best Events in the West by American Cowboy Magazine.

Man Up Crusade

Man Up Crusade

The mission of the Man Up Crusade™ is to reduce domestic violence in society and contribute to social change by promoting safe and healthy relationships through education, advocacy and funding community services, and programs that share in our mission.

The Man Up Crusade was created by Canyon County Sheriff, Kieran Donahue. Kieran grew up on a cattle ranch in Eastern Idaho and learned from an early age the definition of hard work and dedication. His western heritage taught him strong family values and gave him the strength to overcome trials and tribulations.

As Kieran’s career in law enforcement developed, he saw first-hand the traumatic effects that domestic violence has on victims and their families. Domestic Violence has become an epidemic in our society and is a public health and safety issue. It is with these facts in mind that Kieran began this journey called the Man Up Crusade.

Back to School

It’s that time of year again and the kids are back off to school!

We wanted to thank Grotto Group Chapter #19 for their kind donations of over $350 for the kids! With these much-needed supplies, the kids are well equipped for the new school year!

The school supplies supported children of families that use AAFV’s programs and services. These children attend schools located in Parma, Wilder, Caldwell, Valley View, the Hope Lane Learning Center and our Shelter.

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