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Counseling for Domestic Abuse Victims in Idaho

Advocates Against Family Violence (AAFV) provides counseling to victims of domestic and sexual violence.  Our counseling is completely free for those who qualify.  Individual and family counseling is available for adults, teens, and children (over 7 years old) in the Treasure Valley. People who receive counseling do not have to live at Hope’s Door or another shelter; they can be receiving other services through AAFV or simply seeking counseling for domestic abuse.
Appointments can be made for in-person or tele-health sessions by calling (208) 459-6279.
If one-on-one or family counseling is not ideal, AAFV also organizes support groups for domestic abuse victims. Our Advocates arrange these groups to provide a community of support among survivors. You can learn more by calling (208) 459- 6330 or checking out our Community Resources page.
Help is available now in Canyon County, Ada County, and throughout Idaho.
Let us show you how to find it. Call for help: (208) 459- 4779
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Help for individuals and families affected by domestic abuse is available now.
We are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week to connect you with the care you need, safely and quickly.
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Located in Caldwell, Idaho
Serving Canyon County, Ada County, and Surrounding Areas

24-Hour Hotline

(208) 459- 4779

Administrative Office

(208) 459- 6330

Hope’s Door Shelter

(208) 459- 6279