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Eliminate Domestic Violence in Meridian Idaho
Eliminate Domestic Violence in Meridian Idaho

Volunteer To Help Eliminate Domestic Violence

People who are able to freely give their precious time are so invaluable to our mission. We utilize volunteers in nearly everything we do, from event volunteers to victim advocates, and everything in between!
Please reach out to  
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AAFV in Action

If you’re interested in getting involved, the first step is to attend an AAFV in Action at Hope’s Door Shelter in Caldwell.
At AAFV in Action, you will be introduced to the organization and learn more about AAFV's mission to end violence.
Our Ambassadors help new volunteers raise awareness of the challenges facing domestic violence victims and the many ways you can help. You can then decide where your talents would be most useful at AAFV.

AAFV in Action Sign Up

Sign up for an AAFV in Action

Call AAFV at (208) 459-6330 ext 123
As Edward Everett Hale said,
I cannot do everything;
but still
I can do something;
and because I cannot do everything,

I will not refuse to do the something that I can do

Whatever your “something” may be (such as time, skills, or business resources), we appreciate your willingness to volunteer i
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Help for individuals and families affected by domestic abuse is available now.
We are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week to connect you with the care you need, safely and quickly.
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Located in Caldwell, Idaho
Serving Canyon County, Ada County, and Surrounding Areas

24-Hour Hotline

Administrative Office

Hope’s Door Shelter