Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Project

Advocates Against Family Violence administers the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing (HPRR) for the City of Caldwell, with funding from a HUD Community Development Block Grant.  The program provides a “safety net” for low-to-moderate income families in need of short term, temporary assistance to keep them from slipping into homelessness or to help them secure new housing after becoming homeless.

This is a pro-active program to prevent homelessness or assist those currently experiencing homelessness become rehoused.  The objective is to provide short-term rent and utility assistance during a crisis period, case management referral service, to keep these families and individuals in their current housing/rapidly rehouse, help them get “back on track” financially, and regain self-sufficiency within a few months.

Please contact our Housing Director at 208.459.6330 ext. 122 to be pre-qualified.

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