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A Message from the Executive Director

I personally became involved with AAFV after my own realization that I had been victimized. I was raised to be a “good wife” and thought that enduring years of verbal, emotional financial and spiritual abuse was what I was supposed to do.

I had followed very good examples set by my Grandmothers. When my ex-husband was sentenced to prison for white-collar financial crime, I came to realize, after attending a strongly suggested conference on domestic abuse by my mother, my children and I were victims of abuse.

After this realization and seeking personal help, I knew I needed to help others. I was drawn back to Hope’s Door from the conference I attended and became a volunteer. That journey has continued and led me to the position of Executive Director.

– Kim Deugan / Executive Director

Staff Contact Information

Kim Deugan, Executive Director

Kim is the face of our organization and is a strong leader for domestic violence awareness in our community.

Tricia Combs, Program Director
As Program Director, Tricia oversees the direction and growth of our victim services and many support programs.

Michelle Stimmel, Finance Director

Michelle keeps us all moving forward.

Esmer Estrada, Community Outreach Coordinator

Esmer coordinates our events and community outreach.  Contact her if you want to get involved.

Cindy Ware, Housing Director

Cindy manages all of our off-site rental properties as well as coordinates with other community agencies to provide additional resources to tenants.

Kristin, Shelter Coordinator

Kristin oversees the staff and day to day activities at Hope’s Door Shelter.  She coordinates groups, move in/move out schedules, holidays, and other shelter needs.

Kaylee Farrell, Teen Outreach Program Coordinator

Kaylee teaches Healthy Relationships at schools around the area.  Get in touch with her to have her come to your school.

Tiffany, Court Coordinator

Tiffany teaches our court classes, coordinates our court services and is a SART advocate, providing support and information to survivors of sexual violence.

Laurie Radcliffe, Grant Writer

Laurie writes the grants for our organization!


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