Elimination Begins with Prevention, Prevention Begins with Education

A few years ago, Advocates Against Family Violence decided that to fulfill our mission of truly ending domestic violence, efforts would have to be focused on prevention. AAFV developed the Teen Outreach Program (TOP) around educating the next generation about healthy relationships. The goal of the Teen Outreach Program is to promote dignity and self-worth to the individuals we serve as we engage, educate and encourage healthy relationships by empowering teens to live those out in all aspects of their lives.

The Teen Outreach Program is a course presented at local area schools and other community agencies serving teens. The classes include skill-building, information on the characteristics of a healthy relationship, boundary setting, communication, stress management, anger management self-esteem, warning signs of teen dating violence, and accessing community resources.  The curriculum involves real-life stories, interactive simulations, and resource awareness. AAFV wants teens to understand what a validating, safe, and stable relationship looks like. We are creating a new kind of normal for so many teens who may not know they deserve better.

AAFV is currently partnered with over 25 different teen services agencies and local area schools. As the leader in prevention initiatives, AAFV is partnered with many agencies and state programs to provide prevention education.

If you would like more information or would like to find out how to bring the Teen Outreach Program to you, please call our Teen Outreach Program Coordinator, Kaylee Farrell.  kaylee@aafvhope.org

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