AAFV Receives Health Grant From St. Luke's

AAFV Receives Health Grant From St. Luke’s

CALDWELL, IDAHO – Advocates Against Family Violence’s Hope Lane Learning Center has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the St. Luke’s Community Health Improvement Fund.

The Hope Lane Learning Center provides a safe, nurturing environment with fun, focused learning activities for all ages. HLLC currently uses Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move!’ program as an integral part of their curriculum, and was the first to be Let’s Move! Certified in Canyon County.

The St. Luke’s Community Health Improvement Fund will provide opportunities for more focus on nutrition and exercise by incorporating SPARK and working with Dr. Aguilar, who will provide obesity/diabetes screenings as part of his annual physicals, which he graciously agreed to give to these children at no charge!

The combined impact of domestic violence, sexual assault and poverty in childhood has been proven to have a negative impact on lifelong health and opportunity, which means these kids need guidance even more than the average.

The first ‘Junior Color Run’ fundraiser will take place in late May or early June, 2017. The event will be in coordination with Caldwell’s Family Fun Day, working with Marisa Erickson, Coordinator of the Let’s Move! Caldwell program. The event will act as a motivator for the kids to ‘be physical.’ Additional staff training will take place over the summer and the program will be in full force at the start of school in fall, 2017.

Working with children 6 weeks to 12 years of age to establish knowledge and interest in healthy eating and physical activity will create life patterns that will reduce obesity and diabetes significantly in participants. Additionally, this program will have long term impact. Behavior learned at a young age stays with us throughout our lives. Often, even when it is abandoned due to extenuating circumstances, people return to their ‘roots’ and the things they learned early in life. We want to give kids a healthy foundation, starting at six weeks of age.

“AAFV provides a safe place, and because of that we help those served know their lives can be different. We can make a difference to each and every one of them by providing new and additional fitness, nutrition education and opportunities, and free health screenings.”, said Kim Deugan, Executive Director.

St. Luke’s CHIF grants are highly competitive with close to 120 non-profit applicants this year. Special consideration was given to proposals that target needs identified by St. Luke’s through its 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). The CHNA is a comprehensive analysis of Idaho’s most important health needs.

The CHNA top three priorities are:

  • Prevention, detection and treatment of obesity and diabetes.
  • Prevention, detection and management of mental illness and reduce suicide.
  • Improvement of access to affordable health care and affordable health insurance.

(More about your program and the impact it has on your community. You could also include a quote here from someone who is part of your program and grateful for the services you provide.)

For information, please visit aafvhope.org or call 208.459.6330.

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