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Kellie came to Hope’s Door as a referral from the Port of Hope. Kellie was 6 1/2 months pregnant living in Twin Falls and addicted to methamphetamine. She admitted herself to the hospital for psychosis and they transferred her to an Idaho Falls health center. She was there for 10 days and then transferred to State Hospital South, a mental institution. She remained there for 2 months and it was revealed that she had previously been abused and needed to deal with these issues. She was sent back to Port of Hope, where she completed a 28-day treatment program.

When Kellie came to Hope’s Door, she took classes to help her identify the abuse and enrolled into an outpatient treatment center. Hope’s Door staff helped her with referrals to mental health facilities to help her with her issues and counseling. She regained custody of her son shortly after staying at Hope’s Door. After giving birth to another son in December, her daughter returned to live with her as well.

With the help of Hope’s Door staff, Kellie started looking for permanent housing. She was accepted into an Idaho Development and Housing program and was, in turn, able to move into a 3 bedroom house in Caldwell. She has been on her own since April of 2016 and continues to do well. She still participates in her out-patient care and continues to stay in contact with Hope’s Door.

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