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I wasn’t really given an option if I wanted my children back from the system. I needed my own housing. My case worker suggested that I call Hope’s Door and get on the waiting list. That’s what I did! When I came to actually live at Hope’s Door, I met with Jen and we did the paperwork together. We set goals for me to accomplish and my biggest goal was to get my babies home where they belong with Mom!

There were days filled with tears because things were moving too slow for my liking. I wanted my children and I wanted them NOW! Each day was a new beginning at Hope’s Door. On my own and completely alone, I am lucky I had a job (still do) to take up most of my day. The rest of the day, I hid in my room. Finally, my children started staying the night with me again. They wanted to go play, so outside we went and that’s when it hit. Out of my shell, I came.

Still working, going up against the State, I finally won my babies home. Now the real stress began. Four people, one room, a tight fit but it was OUR space. I filled out housing application after application and got on every waitlist I could. now I am packing and getting ready to leave Hope’s Door. A new adventure in life, but saddened at the same time. Over the seven months I have been here, I have developed friendships with each staff member. It’s like walking into your home. They greet you, encourage you, help you and listen to you.

Each and every staff member, past or present have taught me lessons in life. Kristen taught me open communication is key. Glenda taught me there is always good even when things are bad. Cindy taught me to believe and believe in myself. Elsa taught me that a little encouragement goes a long way. Pat taught me to not always be too serious and remember to laugh. Kaitlyn and Alina taught me it’s okay to vent and break down, even over mushrooms to take time and look at the beauty of life. Sofia taught me to color, sounds weird I know, but to color, every person everywhere has a different story. We are beautiful individually but put us together and we are awesome.

To each and everyone who has been a part of my life these past seven months, from hell to heaven and everything in between. I cannot say thank you enough! These life lessons will stay with me and my babies as I continue to grow as a woman, a mother, and a survivor. I could not have it without each and ever one of you! Thank you!

– Rachel

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