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Sharon lived at Hope’s Door shelter in 2015-2016, with her two children; a son and a daughter. When Sharon first moved into the shelter, she was fleeing an abusive husband that moved her out of state. She wanted to return to her home state to be close to family. Her 8-year-old daughter was in need of receiving services for her disability and requiring extra care. She was working full time to try and take care of her family but did not have enough time to take care of herself or her family’s needs.

Shortly after moving into Hope’s Door, Sharon was able to quit her job and started receiving benefits for her daughter and focused on her daughter’s needs as well as her own. She had always suffered from anxiety and depression but had not had the ability to deal with her own issues. Sharon applied for low-income housing and the catch program.

Sharon has recently moved out on her own and into low-income housing. She is receiving disability for her daughter and has recently applied for herself. Her daughter is receiving the required medical care needed and both children are attending school as she currently looks for part-time work.

As a resident at Hope’s Door, Sharon has expressed her gratitude for all of the support and help she received while living at our shelter. She hopes her story will inspire others to make the difficult decision and get the help they need to get away from abusive relationships.

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